The revolution in box training

Performance tracking on a box trainer

Track laparoscopic skills on your boxtrainer. State-of-the-art sensors record all tissue handling forces and instrument motions. Each surgical task is instantly graded using reliable score metrics. Box trainers are the most cost effective equipment to train laparoscopic skills. However, constant feedback from expert surgeons is not always available. With ForceSense students can train independently and can even master the skills of laparoscopic suturing.

Direct visual force feedback

The ForceSense software delivers direct visual feedback when too much force is applied during a surgical task. Training students to handle tissue carefully. During suturing a correct position of the needle in the needle driver reduces forces on the tissue, resulting in a higher score! Studies show that Visual force feedback improves tissue handling skills.

Student results accessible online

The course instructor can easily review individual, as well as student group progress online. The captured training videos are stored with the scoring data. Analyze learning curves to gain insight in the effects of the training course on students skills. Remote assessment is now possible!

Host exciting competitions!

Display the online live ranking page on a monitor or projector during your training course. As students gain skills, they will see themselves moving up on the scoreboard! A great way to get an enthousiastic and competitive atmosphere in your training program!


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ForceSense is a product by MediShield.